A Deadly Poison For Your Ears; Deadly Night Shade out now

by HH Oscar Admin

oBleak presents his debut full length album, Deadly Night Shade.

A fusion of 90s boom bap and technical rap prowess.

After listening to this album from front to back, it’s clear oBleak takes a unique approach to songwriting. Combining elements of storytelling with references to pop and horror cultures. It’s Not often that you hear a song, yet alone a whole album that makes you feel nostalgic of a feeling and sound not frequently heard; a renewing experience of sonic proportions.

With tracks like The Nemesis program; taking inspiration from the late 90s hit video game/ movie franchise Resident Evil. To other tracks like Panic Room; touching on the state of current political events and world relations while combining elements of street culture.

“This album was my way of laying everything on the table. Showing the capabilities of my production while shredding the mic as hard as possible.” -oBleak

All in all, it’s a safe bet to close this article, go open your preferred streaming service, and witness something completely raw and unfiltered that will leave you wondering what you just heard and wanting more.

Deadly Night Shade; available worldwide on all streaming services and Youtube now.

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