A Lesson In Believing In Yourself : $PayDay

by HH Oscar Admin

The cornerstone of making music that can stand the test of time is to make relatable, authentic and fun music. $PayDay is an emerging artist who embodies these traits more than most. The rapper is a hard hitting, straight shooting rapper who is carving out his own path to glory with striking lyricism and strong bars. A poet at heart who found grounding in music, $PayDay is making some of the best undiscovered fun filled hip hop bangers in the industry. He has steadily garnered plaudits and has performed around SoCal; LA, IE, and High Desert. He also  had notable performances in New York and SXSW for a couple of years and his career has only gone from strength to strength.

He dreams of one day collaborating with Lil Wayne one of the industry’s biggest Legends and just like him $PayDay enjoys smoke culture as this helps him relax, find inspiration and vibe on a completely different wavelength which helps him create musical masterpieces. $PayDay also owns a plumbing business and he plans to scale it for his father to whom he credits with his drive and motivation to do music as well as opening doors by introducing him to musicians and studio engineers who helped sharpen his tools. For $PayDay his tenacity and never give up attitude will ensure that he will make it to the very pinnacle of Hip Hop music!





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