Branesha B: Rising Artist from Arkansas

by HH Oscar Admin
Branesha B

Rising artist ‘Branesha B’ , originally from Arkansas, but she has been in Dallas most of her childhood to adulthood. She started recording music in October of 2021, and ever since she has been consistent and diligent.

She would say the biggest reason she is where she is today is mainly due to persistence and consistency. She has always believed that she could reach her end goals and that anything was possible. She has been elevating ever since.

For the most part she has had a pretty smooth journey thankfully, but of course there’s always hiccups. She would say one of the biggest challenges she has faced so far is having to deal with so much on her own being an independent artist. However, she has gotten good help along the way that she is thankful for.

She specializes in creating bodies of work that conveys messages. Everyone has their own way of creating and expressing themselves, however, she feels as though if someone feels drawn to her authenticity then that would speak for itself. Everything happens as it should and the proof is always in the putting.

Best Piece of Advice?

My best piece of advice for those trying to accomplish anything is to always put your best foot forward. It doesn’t matter about how much money you have or what you look like as long as you put in the work, stay consistent, and believe in yourself you really can’t be stopped.

Success to her is being at peace with where and how far you’ve come in life. Once you have peace instilled inside of you it makes where you are and where you want to be not as difficult to grasp. Not saying there won’t be difficult moments, but you learn to enjoy the journey a lot more. She says;

What’s next for her will be releasing more music and visuals for the listeners that enjoy watching and supporting me. Also for the newcomers that’ll eventually come across her work whether that be online or in concert. She definitely look forward to building a bigger, solid fan base/support system.

You can follow her at “braneshab” on Instagram. This will be where she posts her latest music updates such as new audio releases, music videos, and performances.  She always look forward to connecting with new people.

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