Desean , Hiphop artist of Goldsound From Evansville, IN

by HH Oscar Admin
Desean , hiphop artist

Journalist-Please, tell me about yourself?

It’s Desean , hiphop artist of goldsound residing in Evansville,IN . , I am head of Goldsoundszn , & Leaf Gang Ent (SznGang) ,Ive been doing music for 12 years and  striving hoping one day I get my sound off the ground and to become an official label . I Started making music in 2011. I’ve made much progress since then . I’ve worked with plenty of artists and few producers over the time .Eventually I was able to build my own studio set up in home . I’ve produced 5 mixtapes and 5 Albums Of my own and In progress of more to come. Accomplishments along the way ,I made a song to my celebrity crush “ZENDAYA” and she heard the track on twitter and blew it up that day, which is now my most played song today.  Also made a track to my favorite football player “Devin Hester” and he heard that as well and for my first 4 years of making my music my stats didn’t see 1k or more at all . Now  a good amount of my tracks are at 1k or a lot more . I’m proud to see that my progression has grown from day one . I have a new project out one of the biggest ones yet “SZN” album is out on all platforms . This project is one of my most successful ones . Szn hit over 30 + blog sites and generated alot of numbers ! Since this album dropped Now a lot of my music is getting more recognition then before And I couldn’t be more grateful how much love I’ve received from it . Another big accomplishment is that most of my singles now have pushed me over 950k plays total all around from all platforms ! Close to a million is huge ! And hoping to get there and more , what helped with that is my albums and singles that have gather over 20k or more plays on most of the platforms they e been uploaded too . My all new LP “SZN 2” is another contributor to those plays ! It’s now playing on all platforms! I’m hoping to go big one day as an artist and be on top with my brand and family . For more follow my socials and my Website !

Twitter @deseanofficial
Instagram @deseanofficial
Audius @deseanszn

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