“Harmonious Harmony: The Artistry of Bianca Ciocca”

by HH Oscar Admin
Bianca Ciocca

Bianca Ciocca’s artistic journey from ballet dancer and actress to a musician reflects a rich tapestry of influences. From her early days playing rock and experimental music with her crew at the age of 13, to studying at the prestigious C.S.C. school of cinema in Rome, her path has been shaped by a deep connection to the arts. Ciocca’s realization that music was the most profound way to express herself and connect with others underscores her transition to a singer-songwriter.

Her musical influences span a wide spectrum, drawing inspiration from Lauryn Hill’s soulful lyricism, the infectious rhythms of Fugees, and the neo-soul vibes of Erykah Badu. Amy Winehouse’s emotive storytelling and Portishead’s haunting soundscapes have left an indelible mark on her style, while the sonic innovations of Massive Attack and the raw energy of Nirvana and Sonic Youth infuse her music with depth and intensity.

Ciocca’s love for hip-hop is evident in her appreciation for Cypress Hill and the production prowess of Alchemist, while P.J. Harvey’s rawness and Bjork’s avant-garde sensibilities contribute to her eclectic approach. Radiohead’s experimentalism and Greentea Peng’s soulful soundscapes further enrich her musical palette.

In embracing newer artists like Audrey Nuna, Little Simz, and Doja Cat, Ciocca stays connected to contemporary trends while remaining true to her roots. Snow the Product’s lyricism and authenticity resonate with her, reflecting a commitment to honest storytelling.

Through her upcoming album “Bubble of Screams,” Ciocca channels these diverse influences into a cohesive sonic journey, where each track serves as a testament to her multifaceted artistic identity. From her background in dance and acting to her evolution as a musician, Ciocca’s artistic expression knows no bounds, weaving together a tapestry of sounds and stories that captivate audiences and invite them into her world.

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