Introducing Agreeable Greg: Complete artist, touch to everything and multifaceted

by HH Oscar Admin
Agreeable Greg

Greg, known more popularly as Agreeable Greg, is a prolific music producer/ promoter, serial entrepreneur, AR lens creator, and meme connoisseur. In addition, Greg has helped music artists, brands and apps reach millions of consumers through strategic social media placements using a variety of techniques generating millions in revenue. He has parlayed that knowledge & experience into a diversified real estate investment portfolio of rental properties.

He is also known for his popular snapchat lenses and relatable content garnering billions of views. Known as the king of dad jokes and pick up lines, his social media stories are viewed by millions daily.

Starting early on in Googles popularity, he quickly taught himself SEO techniques and created one of the largest and top ranked As Seen On TV infomercial websites , generating millions in online sales for many popular products.

He later took those skills and founded one of the largest Sweepstakes mobile apps in the world. Quickly jumping to #1 in the AppStore utilizing a variety of techniques including influencer and music artist partnerships.

It was this exposure and partnerships that led him to making and promoting music. He helped to launch the career of one of the first middle eastern rappers in the United States, working with producers like DJ Quik, Scott Storch and others.  Partnering with Wendy Day (from Eminem and Cash Money fame) allowed them to get featured in publications like XXL and The Source and performances at events like Shaqtacular. His music was featured in Chris Rock’s movie Head Of State.

Greg used this exposure to learn to make and produce music on his own.  He counts among his influences old school hip hop artists and production like Wu Tang Clan, G-Funk, The Roots, and Guru along with middle eastern samples.

In addition to helping with production, Greg works with some of the largest independent music artists to get their music in front of consumers. Utilizing decades of experience, he helps artists gain exposure, views and streams utilizing numerous strategies on social media. Using these seeding techniques, many of the  music projects he’s worked on  have over 40 million views on platforms like YouTube and have been featured on the trending page.

Keep looking for Greg to make waves in the music and online world.  From production to promotion, you never know what he will bring to the table next.

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