Nikora UTA : Every song I create has a message and a story behind them

by HH Oscar Admin
Jorge Soto



Nikora UTA I, an artist that learned the importance of perseverance and motivation early in his career. Changing the sounds so popular to our ears, Nikora UTA did have to overcome obstacles to achieve the successes he has. Although extremely successful in his career, Nikora UTA yearned for a career that gave him flexibility and evoked his passion. This feeling of dissatisfaction and needing to provide as a family man made him even more determined to succeed. Despite the difficulties he faced, Nikora UTA I has persevered and is using his music as an artist to inspire others. His most recent single entitled “ “Lost in Paradise ” was made with the pure intention of making listeners happy and boosting morale.

After “Lost in Paradise” with CookieSan, Nikora UTA returns with a new manga rap banger collaboration: “Bloody Stream” with Zoro L’frerot is now available everywhere. They give us an acoustic sound highlighting the anime/manga culture in an original clip made on a green screen which then became a space adventure. While waiting for the arrival of his first EP in September 2022, the summer will be dancing thanks to This title Jojoesque.

IG: Nikora Uta (@nikora.uta) • Photos et vidéos Instagram

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