Keep an Eye Out For ”Mouctar Telly”

by HH Oscar Admin

Mouctar Telly is seeing many artists taking the path to success, and the latest one on our radar is Mouctar Telly.  However, the rising artist,producer seeks to create music that will tell his story and connect with listeners around the world. His unique style and sound deviate from the trends, proving why Mouctar Telly is one in a million.

Mouctar Telly, whose real name is Mouctar Telly Diallo, is a Guinean songwriter and artist. It was in the 2010s that he made his debut in the music industry as a com manager, artist manager before scratching his first texts.

Influenced by big names in African and world music, Mouctar Telly is a very cosmopolitan artist due to his musical culture and his authenticity.

After a long process, he has just delivered his very first musical project. Entitled Mouctar Storie’s, the Guinean artist recounts his experience and relates the daily life of a hardworking and conscious African youth. As fans await the release, the upcoming artist is working on getting more music videos done and a couple of more hit songs. Due to his talents, Mouctar Telly is an artist to watch and for as he is set to leave his footprint in the music industry.

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