Lord Enos, a Hebrew Lawman a Vessel for the Most high & the Creator of Law Muzik

by HH Oscar Admin
Lord Enos, a Hebrew Lawman from Jacksonville

Journalist- Hello !!! How are you ?

I’m wonderful thanks for asking, just thankful to see another day I feel AMAZING! ALL PRAISE TO MOST HIGH! Thank you for the interview. I wish you and your  team nothing but levels of greatness!

Journalist-Please, Introduce yourself?

My name is Lord Enos, a Hebrew Lawman from Jacksonville, Florida, a vessel for the MOST HIGH and the creator of LAW MUZIK.

Journalist-What got you into music and made you realize that it was your chosen path?

Music has been with me before birth. My dad told me stories about how before I was born he used to put headphones to mothers stomach before he went to sleep and he could feel my mothers stomach and I would be kicking. I guess I was jamming out and didn’t even know it lol. My Uncle Brian (RIP) was a big time DJ before he passed. I fell in love with it as a kid seeing him practice before he would do a show. When he died I made a promise to myself that I would carry on the legacy love you Uncle B I never broke my promise! And my father loved music also. He had the dopest equipment, top of the line speakers, hundreds of albums and CDs, even a reel to reel and we would just sit in the living room for hours listening to music. He would break down the songs to me and asked what they meant to me. From R & B, new and old school, jazz, classical hip hop,rock and country. So at an early age I learned to appreciate every genre but I fell in love with Hip Hop.

Journalist- What story behind your Success?

I keep THE MOST HIGH first in my life and everything falls into place. I don’t measure success by money or accolades. I measure my success by changing someone’s life in a positive way when they hear my music. If I can do that I think that is being successful.

Journalist-Tell us about your new single. And what’s the story behind it?

My new single is Rebound. It is getting a lot of love from the world. Thank you everyone that listened to it and shared it and made Tik tok videos and Instagram videosI greatly appreciate it. I love basketball. I got the love for the game from my father. He was All State in High School and also coached so I was always around it. One day I said I want to make a basketball anthem but I didn’t want it to be about just scoring. That’s when I came up with Rebound because you can’t win a game if your team does not rebound. But I also wanted the song to relate to life because we all shoot our shot for different occasions but you can’t give up when you miss the shot you follow your shot and get the rebound and try again.

Journalist-What makes your music unique?

I literally made my own lane LAW MUZIK. Every artist says that they are different. I get that but now Spotify is running the charts in the music game. The reason I bring Spotify up is because their algorithm can’t even match me up with the artist I sound like. I have seen artists with less monthly listeners and streams than me and they get matched with other people with the fans also like section but I get placed on they might also like playlist. Don’t get me wrong, they have a great playlist up there and I appreciate it but still have NO other artist to match my sound that’s why I say that I’m unique. Numbers and algorithms don’t lie!

Journalist- What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

I just say be yourself and don’t be caught  up in clout chasing and trying to be something you’re not, the truth will eventually come to the light. If you love music just do it you don’t need to please anyone and don’t quit when you get rejected just work harder and at your craft. I’ve been rejected thousands of times but I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve and I always tell myself rejection=progression if you put the work in and learn from the constructive criticism don’t take it personal everyone is not going to like your music just respect the opinion and carry on.

Journalist-And any particular artist/band you would like to collaborate with in the future?

I just want to work with artists that are putting out positive energy in the universe. There is enough negative music out there already we need more balance.

Journalist-Any upcoming projects in 2023?

I’m just focusing on my single Rebound this Spring and Summer and also working on shooting a video for it and later this year I will be putting out another EP. I don’t have a title for it yet but it will be an AMAZING project believe that lol.

Journalist-How our Readers contact with you?

They can reach me on Instagram and Tik-Tok at lord.enos and I would like to thank everyone that has taken the time out there day to read this interview. I thank you and wish you nothing but Levels Of Greatness!


I don’t have any other questions but I would like this printed as well. It’s my Lawman oath thank you my friend.

The FEAR of THE MOST HIGH is all WISDOM and all WISDOM is the performance of the LAW and the knowledge of the OMNIPOTENT.He who has small understanding but FEARS the MOST HIGH and his COMMANDMENTS is better than a man with much WISDOM but disobeys the MOST HIGH and his COMMANDMENTS. This is the final conclusion: the ONLY mission for man is to FEAR the MOST HIGH and his COMMANDMENTS. Remember the MOST HIGH will bring  everything into judgment even your secrets whether good or evil all praise to the MOST HIGH! LAWMAN!


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