MHD SAY one of the best Tiktoker and Fashion Influencer

by HH Oscar Admin
The fashion influencer, comedian and Tiktoker Momo Sayegh better known as MHD. SAY on its various social networks, has found the right door to make himself known on social networks.
Known for his sense of humor and the originality of his videos, Momo Sayegh has built his success thanks to his greatly increased presence on social networks.Facebook, Instagram and Tik tok have no secrets for him. He has 266k followers on Tik Tok and 67k followers on Instagram. He considers subscribers a blessing from God because they are the basis of his success in the very competitive world of social networks.
Being an influencer  so far as he manages to impact his community through awareness messages on everyday social facts. He encourages his followers again and again to cultivate self-confidence and self-love.
He Says;
“Never let anyone discourage you by telling you that you are incapable because you are incredible, trust yourself, do not give up, go for it and you will see that you are capable of accomplishing great things,”.
Momo Sayegh is a ball of energy who spares no effort to distill joy and good humor to his subscribers. In addition to being successful on social networks, Momo Sayegh is also an image consultant and interior designer. He uses his passion and his refined taste for fashion to help Ivorian influencers and artists who seek his help, which makes him the friend of the stars.
Momo Sayegh, a true advertising iconMuch in demand in Côte d’Ivoire, has collaborated with several brands in search of visibility.
Optimistic, funny, talented Momo is out to conquer a larger audience and in order to continue to positively influence its subscribers.

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