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Racing heartbeat and that ‘butterfly’ feel; falling in love is beautiful. It takes one to a different dimension and makes them experience emotions and feelings like never before. How the heart flutters when a person sees the love of their life, how they forget their worries when they are with them.

Unfortunately, not many people are able to find the love of their life. They spend their entire lives searching for that deep connection with someone, even when the person is right in front of them—someone they have spent a significant part of their lives with.

Neika Simone, a renowned Jazz singer and songwriter has taken it upon herself to help such people find true love and experience its beauty and essence. Her latest single, “Picture Perfect,” is all about actually seeing what has always been right in front of them.

All of this time, guess I must have been blind

Not to see you and me, we’re picture perfect

I should be yours

Baby, you should be mine

Meant to be, can’t you see we’re picture perfect

Named “Simone” in honor of the iconic vocalist Nina Simone, Neika is taking the world of jazz music by a storm, becoming a favorite of all those dealing with matters of the heart. Sourcing her inspiration from a range of emotions and exploring universal human concepts like love and heartbreak, Neika has established a firm ground in the world of music with her highly acclaimed EP, Beautiful Moments, released in July 2022. Even though this was her first EP, it has been ascending the charts on for quite some time now.

Not only did her first EP help her establish an identity as an emerging jazz artist, but also led her to release a hit single, “My Door,” that has maintained a stable spot at the top of The Urban Influencers list for R&B and Soul. In 2021, she released another single, “Sweet Craving,” and an EP just a year later.

Neika Simone, born and raised in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, was not only blessed with an angelic voice perfect for jazz but possessed a capability to create powerful lyrics that could leave a strong impact on the listeners. It is her soothing voice, combined with her passion for writing songs and life experiences, that helped her acquire fame as a jazz musician with a broad fan base.

Always a shy personality, Neika was first drawn to this genre after her very first studio experience. Since then, she has been releasing heartfelt songs that connect with the soul, making people embrace heartbreaks and feel ‘love.’ She instills hope in the hearts of the listeners by leading them into a trance of her powerful vocals, beautiful voice, and excellence in Jazz music.

The grief of losing her loving brother, dealing with divorce, and struggling through medical complications introduced Neika to intense emotions, and that’s exactly what is visible in her music. Neika doesn’t fail to impress, and her latest single is yet another treat for all the love music.

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