Rapper Cashmoneyshad Is On The Rise

by HH Oscar Admin
Rapper Cashmoneyshad

Singing as an art form should not be denigrated. If it ever does, issues such as gender equality, racism, and poverty might continue to characterize our livelihoods. But what if all artists were practical with their performance? Well, cashmoneyshad is sure that the world would be a different place if this was achieved. He realise that the challenges we see in our communities are exist because leaders neglect them- the same applies to creatives who simply want to entertain but not influence their listeners with positive vibes. Things can be different and cashmoneyshad” knows this is possible.

He is from bowling green Kentucky  been making music since a little kid. Motivation is the things you can get by going hard never stopping even when you ready to give up the things people only behind closed doors can see.

He has a few projects coming soon
“15 a week” is coming to all platforms soon be on the look out for it
Me and kyfredo and flyjae got a whole lot more stuff coming

He is working on my tape “13” no due date he is working hard on it. He really just focused on singles right now

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