Shorty T to Release new album “God Carter” on his Birthday!

by HH Oscar Admin

In a world that feels like it’s moving faster by the day, there’s always a record that can slow down time for us. That special display of music that feels good to hear as the elements work together in perfect harmony to make something enjoyable for us to hear. That incredible display of music is what you get from Shorty T. In fact, icons from different industries, especially entertainment, look almost the same. This somehow shows that those who deviate from the standard have a limited chance of success. But today, since the introduction of characters with diverse cultural roots, these standards have been slowly challenged, pushed the boundaries, exceeded expectations and broke the status quo for many years.

Who is Shorty T?

A wise man once told me that people usually start to die when they settle into a comfort zone and no longer seek to explore life in order to grow and expand. As humans, I feel that we should all continue to grow and adapt to new environments as often as possible. The only real constant in this world is change so there’s no reason a person shouldn’t be growing in some way everyday.

I recognize that I am a person of many talents and abilities. My main art form in life has always been music. I started writing music at a young age and it was a love that consistently grew throughout the years. I feel like I am in my own lane when it comes to my music. My style is definitely my own and that is something I am proud of especially coming from a generation where everyone sounds alike. The biggest compliment I feel like I receive from major artists or producers when they hear my music is that I do not sound like anybody who is currently out and the music is fire. That always puts a smile on my face because it confirms to me that I am in my own lane.

My Motivations..,

It takes a lot of energy, time, effort, money and connections to be able to reach higher levels in this industry. It also takes a ridiculous amount of patience to be able to stick around when things are not moving according to plan. It is not easy at all. I have faced many challenges throughout the years such as major disappointments, disloyal people, liars and people who will take credit for your work. I am sure many other artists run into these issues at some point as well. It’s all about how you handle things and decide to move forward that counts the most. I’ve learned to always follow my first mind and trust my instincts more. It is not smart to allow someone to talk you out of something that you feel is the right thing to do within your career or life. I just want people to understand that I have built my brand and my music fully represents me. For me, music is an expression of self so I place my real life in my art.

I am releasing a new album on my birthday October 13th, 2022 entitled, “God Carter.” I feel like we are all the Gods of our own lives so my album cover depicts me in the 3 forms I feel we go through in life when leveling up. The 3 forms are a Man, a King and a God. You can find and download the album on my website You can find me on all social media channels as @sthug84.

Over the years I have definitely learned a lot and I can honestly say its come mostly from me having the drive to want to learn and achieve more. There are many people, books and videos I have learned from that taught me a lot of the information needed to gain certain advantages in many situations. A few books that have helped me were “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, “The Secret”, “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale and many others. Some of the people I watched throughout the years that gave some amazing information were Gary Vaynerchuck, Grant Cordone, etc. There are way too many people in my actual life to name but some of the people in my life that made an impact are my mom, my siblings, Sammy Issac (@sammyissac)-engineer/producer, Mayjah Payne (@mayjahpayne), Sirr Jones (@sirrjones909), Lil Brudda, DJ Soulo, D-Round (@d_round_b_major) and so many more. My biggest thanks goes to myself. No matter how hard things got in may life, I never gave up. When there was absolutely no help, I always made a way and took whatever risks were necessary to progress.





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