Singer songwriter Rene Bonet teases with New single “Keith Sweat”

by HH Oscar Admin
Keith Sweat

Multi-Charting singer-songwriter Rene Bonét is making waves in the industry once again with her latest release. Bonét continues to drop new heat, In such a saturated lane. Her delivery on this project is unmatched and incomparable to any artist currently out right now. Artist like Rene Bonét make it easier to appreciate new up and coming acts.

Composed by her long term Producer Weku Did That hears Bonét regretting a break up and begging for her lost love to come back.

“ And I’ll get down on my knees baby/ Begging you please/ To come back to me bae/ Oh no… And as soon as I get home/ I’m calling you bae.”

“I think that relationship get tossed away for sometimes small reasons, sometimes due to  terrible communication, so we lack the ability to reconcile. I named this record Keith Sweat because he was a great friend of a my long time mentor, “The late Grammy Award Winning Engineer Alvin Speights” he always spoke so highly of him and how much he wanted us to work together.”

She continues “The day we made this record I remember weku in the studio with his head phones on, at that moment I knew he was cooking up some heat. I kept saying just let me hear it! He finally air drops me the beat and i immediately start thinking of an Ex situation and went straight to my note pad. The record was done an hour later.” Explains Rene.

The interesting and standout feature of this track is the fact that Bonét’s voice and background ad-libs contribute to the instrumentation of the track, acting as an instrument in a sense. She sings in a low, relaxed tone that fills the song with honesty. The track is an open book as Bonét speaks truthfully about the guilt of losing her lover. She talks about feeling lonely and realizing how much of a mistake it was to let her relationship go and now wanting to reconcile.

“ It’s 2am I’m feeling low low/ I’m in my way I’m too emotional/ i fucked it up and now I’m solo/ I turned my back with out the facts I know.”

This is a song about the regret of letting love go and later realizing it. “We all make Mistakes, and we all deserve a chance to make it up, we sometimes don’t give people we claim to love the chance that we would want if it were us” says Rene.


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