“Isaac Pluard is set to drop his new single “Far away” on July 8th”

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Isaac Pluard

Rap music elevates a person’s life, brand, and finances to unbelievable heights. Rap music creates a bridge between street dreams and rap icon. Hip-Hop evolved from break-dancing to selling out stadiums worldwide. A young artist Isaac Pluard from Kannapolis, North Carolina  started rapping since his earlier age. His musical style is a mixture of a lot of artists and genres inspiration built in one. He musical artist that raps and sings,  been making music all his life.
His first song that ever dropped is a song called “Tonight” it’s a song he will always remember for laughs and motivation. He has been very serious about his music , do different techniques then most artists in the city and feels like this is why he wins. His inspiration comes from a lot of artists that he has listened too coming up beforehe has made music , but an inspiration is his older brother kevin he’s nice with his music.

Isaac Pluard’s Creativity 

What’s it like working with me is straight creativity I like to work with artists that’s serious and has great sound if I don’t feel like you’re worth it I won’t work with you , but I enjoy making songs with just about anybody My feautures that I have include my older brother kevin , my little brother Joshua , and a couple of city friends that I’ve found that have great amazing sound , I’m currently independent but if a label wants me I’m up for grabs My biggest supporters include the people that are close to me and I see on a daily basis without them I probably wouldn’t be where I’m at in life right now I thank them everyday for it.

New Single

He is currently dropping a song friday July 8th , 2022 it’s called “Far away” hope everyone checks it out.,
Next release : July 8th , 2022 be ready !
Tape coming soon too be ready !

Going into 2022, Isaac Pluard’s future is filled with new business ventures, social media opportunities, and more.



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