Contraband Post Dope Tales the Album

Opps Interlude

by HH Oscar Admin

HipHop Oscar: Where are you from? What’s your real name?

I’m from the East Side of Houston born and Raised. Spending most of my time in Akers Home . The Nawf really dig me , that’s where the majority of my fans are located ..  Mostly because when I moved, I landed in a situation that allowed me to really link wit all the nawf side rappers that was up and coming at the time.

HipHop Oscar: How did you get into music?

Started off as a musician then turned into a vocalist , eventually getting into Rapping and Making Beats. Started to really go hard whenever I started engineering for people up and coming in the music industry. Great positions, great music and Networking got me in the position I’m in today.

HipHop Oscar: Tell us about any new music you have coming out? When is it coming out? What is it about?

I’m working on a new project  which is going to be a continuation of my Dope Tales album .. The Album will have 3 new songs and More Videos , including videos to “Moving Major” ft. T$K , “Go to ya Head” , and “Money Man”

HipHop Oscar: Are you currently signed or independent?

I’m independent , started my Label in 2018 and made CBMG a Limited liability in 2021. I made it for my brand, something that can represent me as an artist and a label.

HipHop Oscar: What do you want people to take away after listening to your music?

Keep going , don’t stop grinding .. Life was made for us to fail .. The beat revenge is success, doing something that people said I couldn’t do is what fuels me

HipHop Oscar: What are the some Challenges that you face during music journey?

Tbh Visuals and Content are lol .. I’m Very particular about how I look, I’m big on how I’m perceived on camera. For the Longest I didn’t like the way I look on Camera, it wasn’t until me and Viral Visualss linked up the made me produce content. Now I try to take as many pics as I can ,stack up on as much content as possible.

HipHop Oscar: Do you produce your own music? If not, who do you work with? 

Yes I do produce my own beats . Started off because Producers were not taking my music seriously enough to purchase beats.. Seems like they only cater to artists that were on and didn’t care about the up and coming.. That made me even more determined cause I want to be on the same level as my competitors.

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