Elevation at the highest level, “HB RADIO”

by HH Oscar Admin

HB RADIO is constantly leveling up, with their listenership on the rise and now surpassing 5 million listeners monthly, they now bring you their uncut, witty in-studio content. In the climate of radio in 2022, it can become foggy and sometimes even unseen, since there is so much content available to be consumed by the masses. HB RADIO has yet again reeled us in.

We still love them sonically and are now able to take a deeper dive into knowing every single on-air personality and DJ personally as their individuality shines through social media. Infectious is the best word to describe scrolling through the HB RADIO content, and let us tell you, the lineup is nothing short of amazing. From Prenup, AR, Jay Golden, Hartbreaker, Pookie, Xquisite Complex, Girl Business, along with special guests that come though, it’s a must-see.

HB RADIO is the true definition of the “CULTURE”. Inspired by the genre, motivated by the community. They have risen from driven independence to unstoppable success, creating a listening and now new visual experience that is second to none and which celebrates the very best of the hip-hop community with a limitless commitment to the cause.

HB RADIO is available for streaming across the globe, with the FREE APP located in all app stores; HB RADIO shows also appear as podcasts after broadcasting, the likes of which you can check out via Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Mixcloud, and plenty more.

Photos by:  Ashley Fisher / Hooked Photos.

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