One on One with Beach Jay : Artist Spotlight

Beach Jay - Departed

by HH Oscar Admin

Just few are fortunate enough to discover their real passion. To have your passion coincide with your talent is remarkable, if not utterly impossible. One such blessed is emerging  rapper  Johnathan wilson. A true prodigy of his time, this talented artist believes in making music that is highly relatable. In a world that settles for mediocre, the few musicians like Johnathan wilson  stands out.

We recently sat down and talked with the rising  rapper about his residency, as well as his upcoming projects and more. (And if you’ve ever wanted to know more about Johnathan wilson, we had him answer some fun questions that’ll help you get to know the man behind the name!)

My  name is Johnathan wilson but i go by beachjay my latest release was departed party in the hills ft. boosie bad ass and also key to my city ft. pooh Shystie and foogino my music was inspired by everything i go thru in life i just use music to express myself my music is unique because it’s my story on how my life was growing up and it’s very relatable to others i knew i was going to make it personal once my peers told me that i was very talented with a lot to say that people would pay to hear about so i took music serious at this point when i’m not doing music i’m being a family man to my kids because of the absence i have given them durning the music time and it give me more content to create once i’m back in my creative space when i first started this i wish they would have told me that labels are not looking for talent it’s a lot more than just making music the game is 90% business and 10% entertainment you can find my music on apple music spotify youtube and many other major plat.

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