From Philly to Vegas: Talmadge’s Transformative Music Career

by HH Oscar Admin
Talmadge Whitaker Junior

Talmadge Whitaker Junior, a Philly native, has crafted a unique narrative in the music industry. From the sales world to a beacon of positivity through his artistry, he shares his journey in this interview-style article. Growing up in Philly holds early memories for Talmadge, and his music career was a response to the draining nature of sales. Unlike selling burdensome products, making music allowed him to sell something he truly loved. Seeing friends and family abandon their dreams after high school fueled his inspiration to pursue a more meaningful path.


Talmadge doesn’t consider himself exceptionally unique. He leverages his gift of translating experiences into lyrics and continuously hones his skills through learning. But if there’s anything remarkable about him, it’s his refusal to give up. “Rapper Man” became a turning point, where he felt proud of the mixed master, subject matter, and overall production. It showcased his improved skills and marked a pivotal moment in his music career.


Moving to Las Vegas during a tumultuous time for his family and the world forced Talmadge to adapt. Joining forces with his friend Trey Overton and delving into business proved transformative. Tribe Trinity Entertainment gained serious traction in Vegas, thanks to Trey’s mentorship and investment in Talmadge’s growth.


Talmadge believes that hip-hop culture has been saturated with negativity. Through poetry and rhythm, he strives to spread messages that resonate positively. He wants to avoid preaching death and instead demonstrate that consciousness can be relatable and impactful, without being corny.


His business initially started from a need for affordable studio time to fuel his creativity. But now, it funds his music career, allowing him to pursue his passion and make a meaningful impact through his art. Talmadge Whitaker Junior is a testament to the power of perseverance and staying true to one’s vision.



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