Tizzle Kidd Fitz’s lit new EP, “Jazzy J Adams Undercover,”

by HH Oscar Admin
Tizzle Kidd Fitz

In Tizzle Kidd Fitz’s lit new EP, “Jazzy J Adams Undercover,” dropping on December 22nd, 2024, he’s giving us a sneak peek into his life as a rapper and business man. Imagine having a secret side business where you make awesome music videos and beats – that’s what Tizzle’s been up to! His bro KJ Wethestones is a big deal too; he helped set up the music video company and started KRock Music Sounds, a team of music producers making beats for all kinds of music.

Tizzle’s EP has a song called “100k” that spills the beans on his beat-making skills, with lyrics like “Tizzle is in the lab, cooking 30 grams, of the most fire beats that you guys have ever had.” It’s like he’s telling us about the behind-the-scenes magic. Tizzle did everything for this project – making the beats, recording, mixing, mastering – you name it. Even the videos are done by his company, Jazzy J Adams. So, when you listen to “Jazzy J Adams Undercover,” you’re not just hearing cool music; you’re peeking into Tizzle’s world of music and business, and it’s literally lit! Follow Tizzle Kidd Fitz on social media @tizzlekiddfitz and tune into amazingtizzlekidd.com for tour dates, updates on merch, and exclusive content.

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