How Jonathan Hatchi Makes Money With His Passion For Jazz On The Internet From ZERO Saxophonist

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Jonathan HATCHI

At 18, I decided to leave school to start my first business. I just wanted to be free. After overcoming many obstacles, I managed to put my business at the service of my life, rather than having a life at the service of the company… Today, I travel 6 months a year and inspire thousands of entrepreneurs and creators to be freer and happier.

Whether you want to change your life, succeed on the internet, or simply become a better person, my channel will help you do it. Every day you’ll find a new inspirational video to help you live a richer life.

My name is Jonathan Hatchi and I am the author of the blog “”. I help saxophonists to progress.

I made a launch under the advice of Olivier. At my last launch, I was able to make 20,000 euros in turnover. It allowed me to be able to help a maximum of saxophonists to progress.

And that’s what makes you happiest, what gives you the most satisfaction: to have at least people who have feedback, who have thanked me for the work I do and for everything I do for them. It’s really fun.

I started  the saxophone naturally at the age of 16. And there I really liked music instrument because it allowed me to be able to express who I am and and then there you go for playing instrument, it’s an instrument on which I have a lot matches.

Why I started saxophone because I saw someone play saxophone and in a concert and I liked it. And suddenly afterwards, I said to my parents, that’s it, I’m going to do it, I’m going  to play the saxophone too. And then here it is, I started, then after I didn’t give up, I worked every day, every day and then after I wanted to be the best. I’m going to be the best everytime. After that I started playing in concerts, I started in the Church afterwards, When I started to play in concerts,  they started calling me and paying me for all that. I go to convert groups. That’s it, eh and my aspirations, the saxophonists, my inspiration,  I did the conservatory as soon as I started. Classical training and after  Jazz training.

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