I am free. They can take my Freedom, but they can’t take my free state of mind

I am free. Free to think, free to create, free to see, but this price wasn’t free!

by HH Oscar Admin

Ladaro J. Pennix,II… better known to the public as Monsta Yo has been expressing his freedom through his music and literature over the years. Many may not know but Monsta has been incarcerated for over 26  years now, however time has not put a dint in his road to victory.

Consistently releasing music projects right from his cell along with dropping a few jewels through hit literature (self written books), he has proven to be one who has mastered the term “thinking outside the box” literally. To be free is to be you regardless of the physical state of being. When you become an influence to those in your community and your creations are being used to inspire, motive and encourage others to be great, then you have become a powerful player on the chess board. Right from his prison cell the Long Beach native has made positive contributions to his community advancing small business and sparking the minds of young entrepreneurs to get into the fundamentals of business.

When asked how is he able to maintain his sanity and keep a solid grounded foundation for all these years while incarcerated his reply is “I’m a man of principal I keep my word I stand on integrity, loyalty and respect.

Even though I’m from the streets I transformed my life to do all the right things to set my path of redemption”. He’s living proof that time is a state of mind, and when your mind is elevated in its proper state, freedom goes way beyond locks and chains. So ask yourself, are you living in Freedom or or you living with a Free-Dome.
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