Jake DeMichele Features Adil C and RetroFACE in New EP titled Sun Meets Moon

by HH Oscar Admin
Jake DeMichele
Jake DeMichele is an American-LoFi musician from Bronx, NY who just announced his latest body of work titled Sun Meets Moon, but has given his fans a sneak peak into his music by releasing a few hits already.
His listeners have been constantly streaming Jake DeMichele’s music, and are wondering about what the full length of the ambient breakout artist will sound like. Now that Jake DeMichele’s first studio album ‘Floating’ has arrived in grand fashion, fans have been obsessed with it and streaming it non-stop. Jake DeMichele’s EP has 7 tracks. Each recording off of his album is a living example to DeMichele’s musical talents as a LoFi producer. Jake DeMichele builds a lot of his album’s style around the composition theme of repetition, rhythms and catchy hooks. The Melodie’s start simple, then DeMichele adds layers upon layers of detailed sound-art and design as the song grows. Jake DeMichele’s full album is one that is being highly spoken about amongst the LoFi community and his fans. Even recognized by notable figures. But, like all great songwriters, DeMichele knows how to surprise the listener — and the surprises on Floating are some of the producer’s best yet. This has been Jake’s greatest applause for his many talents.
It’s hard to say which song Jake wrote is the best on his record ‘Sun Meets Moon’. But throughout the whole album, the groovy flute hits, smooth transitions between each track, the ear candy-crisp guitar tones of “Night Walk” and “Rainy Drive,” has gotten listeners hooked to Jake DeMichele’s album.

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