Kevin Da Savage: The Rising Music Star with a Unique Style and Sound

by HH Oscar Admin
Kevin Da Savage

Karbino G. Apin, known professionally as “Kevin Da Savage“ is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who’s originally from South Sudan but was born in Khartoum North Sudan, and had moved to the states with his family when he was just a little boy. He grew up in Louisville Ky and graduated from Moore High school in the year 2020.

Kevin Da Savage is an artist who is noticed for his talent as a Spanish rapper despite the fact he isn’t actually Latin/Hispanic.

Kevin had begun singing and rapping and found his interest in music when around the age of 16 -17, then at about around the ages 19 – 20 he started dropping music on the web. It wasn’t until a little time after that when he found his love for reggae and Spanish trap music and that’s when he began making some Spanish music of his own.
He released a couple of songs like “Peligroso, Real por siempre, and Soy yo” which are some of his top songs and are in the reggae and Spanish trap genre.

He speaks four languages and combines his bilingual skills with his amazing rap talent and produces great music for his fans around the globe.  Kevin has also collaborated with other Louisville artists like MoneyMadeJrr, J Jump, & Jayso Poetic who are well-known upcoming artists from Louisville Ky.

Kevin released his first Spanish song “ Peligroso “ on May 1st of 2020, then he dropped “ Real por siempre “ The next year and has improved in Spanish and taken Spanish music much more seriously ever since.

This unique style of his seems to be dragging him a lot of attention, because not only is he getting exposure from the Latin reggae & trap culture, but he’s also caught the eyes and ears of the American hip hop & rap culture. So basically, he’s getting the best of both worlds! Fantastic right!?

He’s only a new upcoming artist and is growing fast in his music career, if he keeps this up not only will he become a huge star but also one of the first Spanish artist to make it out of his city Louisville Ky.

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