Logan H. James, Willy J. Peso, Nuddie Piper, Dirty Glove Bastard, and Others Seen at 2023 Essence Festival.

by HH Oscar Admin
Essence Festival

The Essence Festival is an essential festival and magazine aimed towards the African American community since 1995. This year in 2023 the Essence Festival celebrated 50 years of Hip-Hop in the southern city New Orleans. There were so many entertainers and fans at the Caesars Superdome, culturally an historic vibe per usual. Iconic acts such as Salt-N- Pepa, Jermaine Dupri, Slick Rick, EPMD, and more rocked out for the well-deserved 50 years of Hip-Hop music festival experience. Upcoming Hip-Hop artists Logan H. James, Willy J.Peso, and Nuddie Piper were all in attendance at the popular festival alongside with other upcoming artists and greats.

Logan H. James is an Baltimore artist that has established a name for himself as he travels the world and markets his music and brand. Willy J. Peso is a Detroit, Michigan artist that has a buzz outside his home state, executing his connoisseur marijuana skills as well. Nuddie Piper is a southern New Orleans artist, representing that south flow and swag. The three accomplished artists were seen hitting some Essence Fest 2023 stages. Ironically, the three guys are soon to be releasing a new song together, including two other rap artists. Savannah, Georgia artist Kidd Suavay and Detroit artist Soe Boy join the three fellas on an undisclosed music single named “Function”. The single is unreleased and will drop soon, produced by Boston producer Ronny Dewwy and Michigan Executive Producer Nella Writes.
Dirty Glove Bastard, a famed blogger was also stamped in the middle of the scene at the Essence Festival. The Dirty Glove Bastard brand is known for their popular interview show “Off The Porch”. The Off The Porch has had guests such as Killer Mike, Gorilla Zoe, Tray Chaney and many other well-known and upcoming entertainers. The brand Stoners Peace was outside at the celebrated Essence Festival with the music artists as well. A woman named Unique James is the owner of the expanding Stoner Peace. The Green thumb company Stoner Peace is a Baltimore started brand created in 2020, branding throughout an array of states soon. Couldn’t have all the excitement without the lens, capturing the magic of the Essence vibe. Isa Johnson known for his company “Shot By Paper Clip” was there to capture the fire behind the lens, creating art through photography. Kamera Man Kash also blessed the footage with his dope skills with camera, establishing savvy shots.The trending blog “Poetic Stories” representatives were in attendance as well, being able to catch the exclusive news as usual.

Overall Essence was a party, As Logan H. James and Willy J. Peso were also spotted at rap artist Curren$y car show with Lambo Lavish. The way they stirred up the Essence Festival I know they got some more heat coming soon.

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