Def Soulja “Balances sticking to his roots and expanding his sound with his latest release”

by HH Oscar Admin
Social Misfit artist Def Soulja has returned with another quality offering. The Bronx Mc continues his consistency after 2022’s project “42 Square Miles” produced by 183rd. One of the more prominent Mcs on the rise after the release he spent time touring and building his name. He’s an artist that understands rising the ranks in the industry requires more than just good music.

Soulja already has an impressive catalog but in 2022 he’s worked with Mcs like Rome Streetz, Nym Lo, Daniel Son, along with the next wave of artist Jae Skeese & 100GrandRoyce. He is also a part of the “Kiss The Ring” Tour which has domestic & international dates.

With all these things in place he’s back doing what he does best dropping “Moonlight Maurader”. Like his previous works the album has one producer, this time he brings Sebb Bash as the man behind the music.

Def shows comfort on Sebb’s production bringing his brand which consists of stories, life commentary, and clever word play. Adding his humor and ability to make laid back songs makes it a diverse around album.

Songs like “Bob Ross” he expresses his talent with creating vivid imagery with his Pen, and flows over different tempos. The lead single “Illustrious” speaks on Soulja’s aspirations and his confidence in reaching his goals. On “We In The Way” a topic many can relate too with the facades many portray on social media. “CD 101.9” shows his versatility with his song making.

Staying ahead of the curve a short film will accompany the release. It will illustrate the songs with visuals. Demonstrating his passion as an Mc its also very clear he plans to continue growing as an artist.

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