Lynch Hunt: From Drug KingPin to Corporate Coach

by HH Oscar Admin
Lynch Hunt

The clandestine drug trade is similar to many successful corporations, without the product. As a general rule, a manufacturer works with a number of distributors or middle managers, who all access the same line of product through a key manufacturer. The quality of customer service, price, company culture, and especially any changes that the supplier makes to the product before the customer receives it can make a distributor stand out from others who distribute the same product. Taking a look at organizations that move illegal drugs may be challenging, but one must be honest about the similarities they share with real corporations.

Many businesses who fail in their first year, both on the black market and in the public markets, are affected by early failure. For all companies operating in capitalist societies, the only difference is whether a particular government declares the product illegal. Regardless of the product, there are constant variables that create success.

Lynch Hunt is no stranger to this type of  business, as he was the leader of an $8.3 million dollar drug ring and sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Risk and reward are inherent to any business; he chose reward over risk, which imprisoned him. As a start, let’s focus on the massive figure of $8.3M, which for many businesses without profitability or the 90% that fail their first 2-years of starting a business, this figure means something significant. What does this mean? For starters, Mr. Hunt operated a large business that generated predictable revenue streams, ensured consistent fulfillment, and achieved low overhead and high profit margins while outperforming his competition.
Through his rehabilitation, Lynch applied all the wisdom he had gained from being a successful kingpin to take aim at Corporate America. He is now the owner and CEO of a gym empire A.W.O.L Fitness, an accomplished life coach, health expert, author, musician, motivational speaker, and music artist. He has published 17 successful books on fitness, nutrition, motivation, and self-help, and has earned several certifications in health and wellness. As a result of Hunt’s transformation, he applied all of his powerful attributes he acquired on the streets to the positive force of good.He commented, “The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to trust the person that you have become more than the person you once were.”. It gave me the motivation to live a life away from crime and start over. I had to trust my vision and stay with that vision.”

The hearts of champions are often forged through fire. Lynch explained, “I am living example of how someone can come from nothing, go through immense hardships and still rise up and achieve amazing things.”

For Lynch, he used his personal struggle to educate, motivate, and empower others. His motivation currently focuses on educating, motivating, and empowering people to transform their minds and thoughts consciousness and promote a quality of life that will be beneficial to the next generation. All of his experience has been put to use by him to empower clients to make positive changes in their lives that will benefit all those they interact with during their lifetime.

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