Passionate Artist Mike Vallejo Makes a Dent in the Hip-hop Industry by Excellence Music and Versatility

by HH Oscar Admin

Making a dent in the music industry might feel like a daunting task, given how big the market has become. But that’s exactly what passionate and rising artist Mike Vallejo is doing. For him, there is nowhere else he would rather be.

Mike Vallejo is a brilliant and creative artist from Portland living in Vegas and LA. He is a go-getter who pushes his artistic creativity to his maximum potential using any skills or tools he comes across. He is always challenging the boundaries to create a music experience unlike any other.

Establishing a successful career in the very competitive hip-hop industry can be an extremely challenging journey for anyone relatively new to the business. However, the profound desire for talent often compels artists to pursue their dreams despite not being supported by big music labels, producers, and music executives.

The rise of social and digital media has provided an avenue for promising hip-hop artists to produce music and make it accessible to the masses without putting out a ridiculous amount of money. The truth is that independent music artists today flourish on various streaming platforms, all thanks to this generation’s exceptional technology.

Aside from following his passion for being a successful hip-hop artist, Mike Vallejo is also an entrepreneur. He finds ways to show the world a new method of promoting and producing classic and legendary songs that will surpass generations. Mike Vallejo is the embodiment of a versatile artist who thrives in songwriting and producing and is also well-versed in the market and promoting his creations.

“More than being just a lyricist, I also took inspiration from producers like Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and others who were pulling the strings behind the scenes,” Mike shared. As a flourishing entrepreneur, Mike upholds the importance of taking control of the distribution, marketing, and overall engagement processes included in developing a good brand. In addition, he sees the value of artists who also possess an entrepreneurial mindset to survive in the music industry.

Present-day digital technology has provided big music labels and independent artists equal rights in streaming and promoting albums and singles. Mike sees a never-ending transformation and growth among various music platforms that any music executive and artist ought to be particular about.

“Music platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music require specific engagements that I developed and tested on my own,” revealed Mike. Some years ago, nobody thought that non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or cryptocurrency for that matter, would become a huge hit. But visionary entrepreneurs like Mike Vallejo saw the potential in these ventures. Being able to grasp emerging trends and investment opportunities as an artist makes a huge difference in pursuing one’s musical dreams and is also another way to help artists excel.

“An interesting strategy to leverage is offering NFTs instead of other checkout methods, giving fans the rights and license to the music to promote, leverage, and reuse at their discretion, “ Mike said in an interview. “Through this methodical approach, artists can raise upfront liquidity which in the past was loaned out by the label, where artists would be incentivized to just work harder to earn more.”

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