St. Louis Native, Jaee The Artist is bringing soul back to the music industry

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St. Louis Native, Jaee The Artist is bringing soul back to the music industry

Journalist. What first got you into music?

I was encauraged in elementary school by my friend named Shelbe Davis. We were freestyle queens and kings in elementary school. We used to rap and make beats on tables. I had support at home from my older sister Alma Davis and my older brothers Charles and Quienten Davis. Alma and Charles were rappers and Quienten was a singer. So I heard it at home 24/7. My mom used to have my younger sister, Tiana Blue and I sing at nursing homes, and funerals. I remember like it was yesterday. All my mom had to say to us was “Hit a note” and we would sing like birds.

Journalist. Who inspired you to make music?

As a young creator, I make timeless music.Music that will stand the test of time. So it’s not really a who, but what. I’m inspired by love.

Journalist. How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Jaee creates music from the heart. Who better to explain the way a woman thinks and behaves then another woman? Jaee The Artist connects with women from life and first hand experience as a woman. She uses this to heal past traumas buried deep in the emotions of women and helps the fellas better understand their role in the experience. The goal is for the fellas to feel comfortable loving, understanding and connecting with a woman. Rather it’s his mom, aunt, niece, cousin, sister, daughter, wife, friend or partner. Jaee The Artist is deeply rooted in her feminine energy, but balances out with her masculine energy.

Journalist. What is your creative process like?

I freestyle, I say whatever comes to mind. Everything has energy, Once I hear a beat, I pay attention to how it makes me feel and where it takes my energy. My words just follow.

Journalist. Who would you most like to collaborate with? Who would I open for?

Dej Loaf, K Camp, Patti Labelle and Roddy Rich

Journalist. Background?

I’ve been gender neutral since freshman year of college. I attract men and women and honestly, I don’t have a preference. If I can vibe with you. We golden. A lot of my male friends came to me for advice about females. I figured, I can show you better than I can tell you. From there I’ve been making solid connections and staying in my own lane. I dress how I want, I get what I want. I also work hard for what I want. We all have that one that try to take advantage, but I deal with them accordingly. If it no longer serves you or your energy, let it go. Respectfully.

Journalist. What is one message you would give to your fans?

Life philosophy:
Do every positive thing you say you are going to do. Walk with integrity.
Listen to understand.
You’re not going to agree with everybody, and that’s okay.
Do what makes you happy. Follow your heart, put God first.
Take care of yourself.
Art Philosophy:

If YOU approve and took all things into considerations, go for it. Just remember, art is whatever you want it to be. Take your time, be open and take and give constructive criticism.

Journalist. Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Of course. The songs very, but for the most part it’s patti labelle, Luther vandross or Anita baker. Any song by any of the listed artists you can catch me singing at the top of my lungs.

Journalist. Where have you performed? Do you have any upcoming shows?

Almost all over the U.S ! Next show is September 19th at the Mint La located in Los Angeles California. Pull up

Journalist. How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

You can become an overnight sensation. It takes one post to go viral. Plenty of shares and remixes and you are golden. I’ve witnessed it.

Journalist. What is your favorite song to perform?

Jaee The Artist – Different
Jaee The Artist – Bliss Out
Beautiful Balance.

Journalist. What’s next for you?

Jaee The Artist – The Queen of Trap&Soul
Singer, Songwriter & Producer – Triple Threat
Make more bangers, Create Community Events and touring. A few cities in mind, to be added reach out to my booking team at


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