Wavy Da Ghawd “Establishes his sound & creativity while building with the next wave of Mcs”

by HH Oscar Admin
Wavy Da Ghawd

When it comes to music the producers can either keep the sound of the culture stagnant or be innovative. Wavy Da Ghawd makes it clear he’s not necessarily reinventing the Wheel but isn’t recycling sounds. Having family involved in the Arts and in music he was exposed to it at an early age. However he wouldn’t begin he’s musical journey until his adult years.

In 2018 he began to take his artistry seriously. He spent most of his years in Florida so moving back to New York helped get his career going. He was able to work with Mcs in their beginning stages like Rim, Spoda, Rome Streetz. Together they would be part of the next breed of Mcs and producers to carry the Torch for the City along with many others.

Wavy list Alchemist, Black Milk, Madlib, and Oddisee as some producers he holds in high regard. While he’s always elevating in his craft he has come a long way from his beginnings. The dedication and hardwork align as he released his debut album in 2021 showcasing some of the top tier Mcs of today. He’s also gone on to produce full fledged albums for Eddie Kaine, Asun Eastwood, Chyna Streetz.

With passion for his craft and dedication to the grind we can continue to expect quality work and more collaborations in the future.

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