WhoisBravy ‘Staten Island’s Secret Weapon Making Way In The Industry

Another project with one of his frequent collaborators Hobx produced by V Don

by HH Oscar Admin

When you think of Staten Island Hip Hop Wu Tang Clan automatically comes to mind. However that will all change with WhoisBravy on course to making an impact in the industry. A unique voice, his style blends the best elements of New York’s golden age hip hop with the brash flavors and themes of modern rap.

WhoisBravy does comes from a divine lineage, he is a cousin to Shyheim The Rugged Child. While having ties to the Clan’s lineage being heard outside of Staten Island would be the first challenge as he began his rap career. In 2020 he would release his first official project “Things Never Stay The Same”. He credits his #WhoisBravyWednesday series where he raps over known beats as a factor in helping his music expand, he states “It gave me a chance to show the masses my versatility, my consistency, and it showed people that there’s still talent coming from Staten Island, NY”

I came across WhoisBravy’s music in 2021 through Harlem producer V Don who has been a part of the NYC sound for the last decade as well as the sound for many Mcs in the industry. He recently featured Bravy on his 2022 compilation album “Better Than Money” with a solo song “In The Evening” which is one of my favorite tracks from one of my favorite albums from last year. What drew me to Bravy’s music is the voice, flow, word play and how he embodies the NYC aura. He’s also  multifaceted with the beat selection and embraces the modern day feel.

The first full project I heard from him was his 2022 Ep “Hurricane Rains in Tulum” produced Dusty Baker. Definitely a good listen, well produced and not a bad place to start with his music. I got a chance to feature him on my YouTube show “Listen Up” album promo & listening for the Ep. Bravy list acts like, G Unit, Dipset, Easy E and Kool G Rap along with many others as artist he listened to.

When asked what he wants his listeners to get from his music he makes it clear “I want them to know just because the shit looks like the glam & the glitz it took a lot to get here, a lot of struggle. Also that loses, trails, and tribulations could be articulated very well. I want them to know I’m giving them all of me and I’m digging deeper everytime.”

This year WhoisBravy plans to release “Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold” with his Label mate and producer Charlie BEATZ. Also another project with one of his frequent collaborators Hobx produced by V Don. Stay tuned


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