Yani Melani Is The Next Big Artist Empowering New Single ‘My Twin’

by HH Oscar Admin

Yani Melani Born in Brooklyn NY and raised in different places starting a career in Italy and eventually branching off to different cities such as South Carolina Georgia Virginia and now Miami.

She was raised by her beautiful strong mother & herself. Life showed her luxury & struggle at a young age so she saw both. Also traveling overseas and living there for years & coming back to the USA showed her & taught her a lot such as diversity strength resilience. She saw the true differences between people & the world at a young age. She started making music @ 15 in a trailer in South Carolina with no lights or water at one point. Music was always her peace her getaway. Every song she can relate to in a certain way, everyone. That’s why her genre of music is versatile & so is the music she can make. She often uses her talents to express herselves, communicate ideas, and connect with others.

She says; Honestly, my biggest obstacles or challenges are myself & people. 

From rock to country to r&b & rap she likes it all honestly. The trials and tribulations of like she is still here going strong & a lot of things have changed around her & about her but the love for music never stops & never will. She started taking music seriously ( as in recording at the studio & performing) in 2020. With god on her side, he’s just taking her further & further and this is just because of her brother and mother She is successful today.She is versatile artist  who uses herr voices to produce musical sounds and create vocal performances. She can range from simple, unadorned melodies to highly stylized, complex arrangements that incorporate musical instruments and other elements.

Her Motivation

She is her enemy she can struggle with consistency sometimes & just saying to say to life can make her wanna quit. Not having her biggest motivation & inspiration around (her brother) is one of the hardest things She deals with.

Not being able to go through life with her crushes her harder than it does other days but it’s never better. & people, She was always bullied growing up, as a new girl everywhere she went she moved around so much & She was always different (too white) or (too black) or she dressed weird or walked weird or w.e it may be.. people around her never understood & even now as an adult, it’s hard for her to relate to people. But She also considers it a good thing because she knows there are women and men out there who can say the same thing. She wanna be the voice.

Specialization and Career Path

She specializes in melodies, feel good music. She specializes in smooth sound waves. She is versatile in her music so She does have a rock song and an island song now & almost everything in between but every song is relatable in one way or another. She doesn’t see any competition, there are a lot of women & men making music nowadays.. but She is more than 100% there not her, and can’t bring everything she brings to the table. Inside & out She is just different. & She can talk to the WHOLE world not just local or the USA … did She say she speaks different languages? She does but that’s not the reason why she says she can talk to the whole world, but that helps of course.

She advices ;

Don’t give up, NEVER give up. You are loved and we are all the same in a way so you are not alone twin.


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