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Music – a form of art, a medium of expression, a language of its own – has the power to connect people, traditions, cultures, and even nations. Be it jazz, rock, hip hop, or soul; every genre has its own charm, its own power, and its own authenticity. Music is impactful, whether it’s to instill patriotism among the people or highlight a global issue. But the degree of a song’s impact depends significantly on the musician, singer, songwriter, lyricist, and composer. There are thousands of musicians all around the globe, releasing countless songs, but the industry’s charm is fading away. Even though there is a new musician in the industry that becomes the ‘talk of the town,’ the world is losing the essence of music.

And there is just one reason; saturation of the market.

Thanks to the highly advanced recording studios and mobile applications, everyone is stepping into the music industry in search of fame and wealth. Following the same track as the already famous artists, new music has nothing unique, and it seriously lacks the ‘wow’ factor. Due to this, many music artists who can truly contribute to the elevation of the music industry are unable to get their break into the world of music. They have to struggle hard and soon lose hope as the market is moving close to oversaturation with the same old and, sometimes, soulless music.

The world is losing some great talent due to this problem. These talented music artists need a way to prove to the world they can help restore the lost charm of the industry and recapture its essence. This is where platforms such as Musically Milked come into the picture. It is an online source of everything music that offers aspiring music artists the opportunity to work on their digital presence and get themselves noticed. It is true that record labels, amidst so much mundaneness, are skeptical of investing in a new artist. But when the artist is already known in the media, the labels consider them artists with potential. This is precisely what Musically Milked does.

The aim of Musically Milked is to publish the hottest “Milky Content,” as well as to provide independent artists and music enthusiasts with exclusive coverage of all genres of music. It helps build momentum in their life that adds to their overall notability, increasing their chances of being considered by the record labels. Based in Irvine, California, this Musically Milked magazine was established in April 2022 by Cory Chamberlain Co-founder of Ace Pacific and Co-Founder of FatCatPR  and Mac Delfino, CEO and founder of Mack Delfino Agencies. Delfino’s agency has taken the Midwest music scene by storm, becoming one of the hottest resources for upcoming rappers and singers. Together with his partner Cory, he aims to boost his efforts through Musically Milked.

Musically Milked features the Milkiest talent, as well as content that allows new artists to showcase their back stories. In this saturated market, music artists need to use every platform that might make them get noticed. What better way to do that than getting their stories across on a platform followed by the entire community of music fans and enthusiasts? 

From covering the latest news about the music and entertainment industry, not only is Musically Milked one of the leading publications for independent artists and aspiring musicians, but also a top source of the latest trends, releases, and updates for music lovers. While this platform is indeed one of the most effective ways for musicians to get noticed, it is also a top publication platform for aspiring artists to promote their startups. It is a platform that will help musicians, as well as skilled business owners, get the attention they deserve to unlock the many opportunities that can help them grow and become successful.

Talented individuals who wish to move past the struggle and get their work noticed can simply share their articles at info@musicallymilked.com or contact at (818) 824 4077.

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