Artist Melodico : What Does He Say In Latest Interview?

by HH Oscar Admin

Journalist- Hello !!! How are you ?

I’m very well, thank God

ournalist-Please, Introduce yourself?

Well my artistic name is (the melodico) I am La Tino Born in the country of the Dominican Republic. I’m 23 years old and I love music That I took you to music and made you realize that it was your way.

Journalist-What got you into music and made you realize that it was your chosen path?

The love for music made me realize that it was my chosen path. Since I was little I liked music a lot and I have always been in an environment where music is the essence of everything.

Journalist-Tell us about your new single. And what’s the story behind it?

My new single is titled (treason and street) It is a rap based on my own experience and on what is lived daily here in the Dominican Republic, you have to listen to the song that the public is giving you good acceptance here.

Journalist-What makes your music unique?

Well Real Mind What makes my music unique are the stories that are my own experiences and what I see daily here in my country.

Journalist-How our Readers contact with you?


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