Get to Know Talented Artist ‘ La Jolvance ‘

by HH Oscar Admin

Rising artist Jolvance understands the power of convicting lyricism. It’s like a sharp sword that cuts to the heart, separating right and wrong, tugging on the heartstrings of our entire being. Words can push people to accomplish remarkable feats and make their pursuits a reality. This power either builds people up or tears them down, no matter how challenging things seem. A powerful message can inspire artists and optimists to be creative, as so many have proved over the centuries.

I started an artistic career under the artist name la Jolvance, releasing my 1st track « C’est la mienne » which went viral. He has been bus driver before entering into music and entertainment industry. Basically raised in Vitry Sur Seine, France.

He gets inspiration from life experiences, he is just trying to give a little more real. Once he hear a beat or melody he just go from there. The most rewarding part of his job is that he loves to give off energy. Music does a lot for people. He likes to give them whatever it is they are in need of. He got inspired as he started to write and create music. He saw the way that you can use regular words in different cadences to cause a transfer of emotion. It amazed him how he could say certain things to help people get through their hard times or just something they could relate to. It’s always fun to just talk about his thoughts.

It took a lot of enthusiasm and I was then able to create different content on several social networks including Snapchat and Instagram. I even got to make my own reality show in Morocco, which will soon be airing on TV, and I even made a « C’est la mienne » music that is available on all platforms!

Spotify – La Jolvance

IG: CAPT’AIN CORSAIRE 🇭🇹🇦🇪🇫🇷 (@lajolvance) • Photos et vidéos Instagram

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