Meet Former ‘Miss Earth’ Anna-Lisa Christiane

The Kiwi Bombshell Addressing the U.N. and Traveling the World

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Anna-Lisa Christiane

No one would be surprised that a striking beauty such as Anna-Lisa Christiane would end up walking the catwalks in the fashion capitals of the world, but certainly no one would ever expect at just 19 years old this New Zealand native would be addressing The United Nations in Austria, discussing the impacts of climate change with an audience of world diplomats.

After winning the title of Miss Earth, Anna-Lisa set off on a global campaign to advocate for environmental awareness, conservation, and social responsibility. Proving this beauty is more than just her good looks, the highly competitive pageant gave Anna-Lisa the self-confidence to take the world head-on. This laid-back beach babe from Wellington, New Zealand, was ready to travel the world and follow her dreams as an international supermodel.

After successfully modeling throughout Asia, she saved her money to move to Los Angeles at the age of 21 and then onward to New York. Far from the ideal dream she envisioned, Anna-Lisa found herself living in a model apartment in New York City, crammed into two-bedroom apartment with seven other girls. What may seem like a dream fantasy for many guys, this was her personal nightmare. It was during this time that she craved control over her own life beyond the restrictive constraints of modeling. Anna-Lisa set off on the venture to become an influencer to build her own image and lead a more authentic lifestyle.

“Agencies are telling you that you have to be skinny, you have to lose weight. I wasn’t eating much and losing so much weight, I didn’t feel sexy. Whereas being an influencer, if people are going to book you it’s because they like the image you’ve created and the branding. They like your look. It’s all an extension of you. When you’re a model, you’re an extension of someone else and what they’re looking for.”
With a passion for travel, she has explored 37 countries and counting. Anna-Lisa has been featured in music videos and graced the covers of prestigious magazine covers like L’Officiel, QP, and NOW Magazine, showcasing her enviable beauty and undeniable talent.

Anna-Lisa’s love for travel continues to inspire her creatively, providing a rich source of inspiration. Whether she’s exploring breathtaking destinations or gracing magazine covers, she leaves a lasting impression with her talent, beauty, and passion.
In addition to modeling, Anna-Lisa has embraced her creativity by transitioning into acting. She landed the lead role in the film “Heroine Yehenara,” expressing her longing for artistic expression.

You can follow this beauty on her global adventures through her Instagram @annalisachristiane , Twitter @annalisakiwi , and TikTok @annalisachristiane

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