Producer Bengi Bryant is Musically Acclaimed

by HH Oscar Admin
Producer Bengi Bryant

2x Grammy nominated songwriter and producer Bengi Bryant has been taking off this year. Bengi who real name is Benjamin Bryant has been outside, calculating hits and mixing masterpieces. The notable sound designer and film mixer has been advancing as his career continues to evolve . Constructing a meaningful title and brand for himself has been undeniably noticeable.

The Michigan celebrated music producer is on a successful mission when it comes to his art. The dedication to his hometown doesn’t stop him from being a musical beast in other dominate states though. Bengi is heavily involved with the elements and fundamentals of the music industry. Creating a cultural atmosphere around his diversity of skills as an impactful factor in the game.

Bengi was recently captured in pictures with the legendary Snoop Dogg in LA. Snoop Dogg is a west coast iconic rapper and owner of Death Row Records, formally owned by Suge Knight. Bengi was working on set of episode 8 of F3llas which is the podcast show of the famed Detroit comedian, HaHa Davis. A few months ago Bengi stepped on the scene with the popular brand and blog Poetic Stories and announced a giveaway. Poetic Stories is currently constructed by brandish Chief of Editor Nella Writes. Bengi the acclaimed music producer and engineer has no problem with giving back as well.

Benjamin artistry has proliferated on so many levels as he love to discover and work with new talents. Understanding the depths that all artists want and need different approaches to creating the best version of themselves. Bengi is currently working with upcoming artist Big Swagg. Big Swagg who is known for his multiple radio singles and working with rising artists such as Sada Baby, RJ Lamont, Icewear Vezzo and many other Detroit musical figures has been cooking up with Bengi.

Benjamin is known to work with artists such as Tory Lanez, Kashdoll, Icewear Vezzo, Eric Bellinger, and other skilled artist that impacts the music culture. Bryant is young, bold, and is a curator that brings music to the masses.

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