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Child Bite Digs Misfits: Shawn Knight of Detroit metal maniacs Child Bite told us about his Misfits experience.
Shawn Knight: I was tempted to write about my first show ever – Metallica / GnR / Faith No More at the Pontiac Silverdome in ‘92 – obviously a life-altering experience, but I’d hate to think it’s all been downhill from there…
A couple years ago my wife and I attended one of the Misfits stadium shows, and man, that was amazing. To be in a room that huge, singing along to every song with thousands of other fans. It was surreal watching what was originally a DIY punk band, now much older and playing fucking stadiums, and how triumphantly those songs translated to the big stage… and with Dave Lombardo on drums! The GOAT!
It all ruled, but Jerry Only stole the show with his epic stage slides and snapping no less than four basses over the course of their 29-song set.
Child Bite Digs Misfits: Child Bite’s new split EP with Black Rheno is out now.

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